Update Music Arts School July 2019

Finance Situation

I am please to inform you that the income in June is increased up to USD 7491 compare to May which is only USD 4594. I hope to reach our target to be self sustainable in the next few months by end of this year as plan. Will update you again by mid of July.
Please find attach of June financial report.

Number of Students

According to Bophal, many students drop from class during summer holidays as they go back to their country which bring me a lot of stress. Since we do some promotion via social media and giving leaflet at different schools, we have new students registered with us this month which I feel more relieve.

I also open few more 50% scholarship students to bring awareness to public about our school too.

Video Project

Wantha can not produce many video as planed, and take very long to produce one video. So we wont work with him, but Panha and Mr. Leap take this work for other part time as you can see they made some video already in our facebook page. We also plan to make guitar and piano lesson video clips soon too.


We have completed our new website:

  • People can see our facebook page and Youtube from this website too
  • We also created a content that people can search for Khmer song’s Lyrics & chords via our website

Drawing Class

We start drawing class only on every Saturday, now we have 2 students learning with us which we are very happy about. Hope to increase number of drawing class student.

Monthly Performance

We start having students performance again. According to our team discussion, we want to encourage more young people studying music; so we will have music competition each month and the final one is by end of year.

Learning Schedule

Now we apply new policy that all students required to finish class within the time they pay (1 or 3 months). Student or teacher can make up class within that period according to agreement, and we will try to find replace teacher if one teacher is busy. We can manage our financial flow better, or our financial situation always follow the schedule of student and teachers.