Schools in the Slums of Phnom Penh

Our Phnom-Penh-based partner NGO empowering youth in Cambodia (EYC) operates four schools in disadvantaged communities with a vision to empower youth with the skills and confidence needed to be leaders.

The EYC community schools provide classes and activities from morning until evening every day of the week. On weekdays English and computers are taught at various levels to students that mostly range from 6-20 years old. Khmer (Cambodian) nationals teach all the classes, and utilize Khmer and foreign volunteers. Weekly activities include a youth group, community organizing team, legal rights, art, movies, yoga, dance-aerobics, traditional dance and soccer, as well as guest lecturers, photography, and field trips.

In addition to the above mentioned programs EYC also offers leadership programs, as well as job training/placement, and medical/dental services to all of its students.

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Some impressions of our slum schools