Music Arts School in Phnom Penh

During the reign of the Khmer Rouge many artists and musicians were lost to war, and today we can see the result of the loss of culture. Prostitution and gambling are activities that involve too many of the people in society, while music and the arts are just making a comeback, and it seems that for most Cambodians there are too few opportunities to appreciate art.

Music Arts School is a local Cambodian NGO with the mission of building the music culture of Cambodia so that people can make and enjoy music. Music Arts School currently offers music instruction in Western and Khmer instruments for people of all ages at reasonable rates, as well as provides scholarships to artists and builds capacity of local teachers. (Under the following link you'll find an advertisement video for Music Arts School:

Since its start in June 2011, Music Arts School has quickly grown to have over 200 students by now and multiple groups using its space to make music and come together. Current projects include developing music teachers, bringing traditional and western instruments together to make new styles of music, and to inspire original music to heal the hearts of Cambodians and bring back some of what was lost. Music Arts School has a thriving community of young people coming to take a lesson or practice everyday.

In June 2014, Music Arts School had the possibility to move into another more spacious building with a beautiful garden just around the corner of the former location. The management is working on improving the quality of the lessons and in making the school known in Phnom Penh. The goal is to be able to provide musical teaching to more students in the future.

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Some impressions of the Music Arts School