Due to our financial support the following four Phnom-Penh-based organisations are able to run a variety of projects that increase the quality of life of underpiviledged Cambodian children and teenagers:


Music Arts School -

Music Arts School is a Cambodian music school with the mission of building the music culture of Cambodia so that people can make and enjoy music. MAS currently offers music instruction in Western and Khmer instruments for people of all ages at reasonable rates.


Empowering Youth in Cambodia (EYC) - https://eycamboo d

EYC is an NGO founded by an American expat that operates four schools in disadvantaged communities. In addition EYC also offers leadership programs, job trainings and a job placement program and medical and dental services to all of its students.


Karuna Youth Club -

Karuna Youth Cambodia emerged from a youth club in one of the EYC slum schools. The organisation founded by two young Cambodians wants to make sure that some of the country's poor and underpriviledged kids have a better start in their lifes. The club manages a school in a rural area in the province of Aural, where theyx offer English classes, courses for meditation and other life skills. In the future they want to start more schools in rural communities that don't have schools yet.


A short introduction to Cambodia

Cambodia is a country in Southeast Asia of incredible beauty, with famous breathtaking temples, fertile plains dotted with rice fields, and a history unlike any other.  The dominant religion is Buddhism, which places value on hospitality and kindness.  Each year, Cambodia draws millions of tourists who come to enjoy the country's breathtaking sights and enter the walls of Cambodia's Angkor Wat - one of the seven wonders of the world.

But sadly, with all the beauty that Cambodia has captured throughout time, at one point in its history, darkness devoured this fragile nation.  Once ruled by the French as part of French Indochina, Cambodian gained independence from European colonization at a price.  Years of civil war, turmoil, and political corruption followed as Cambodia began governing itself.  With bordering Vietnam at war with the United States, Cambodia was also slowly dragged into darkness when the Nixon administration conducted secret bombings of Cambodia during the early 1970s.  This led to the rise of communist leader Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge entourage, who brought the country into the darkest days of its history.  From 1975-1979, Cambodia turned into the infamous "Killing Fields" where nearly two million of Cambodia's six million population were killed.

Today, Cambodia still struggles to overcome its dark history.  Landmines still scatter the nation, serving as dangerous remnants of war and resulting in an alarmingly high number of disabled people.  In addition, due to its weak and sometimes ineffective government, several illegal activities such as children sex trade continue to operate within Cambodia's borders.