changing lives is a Swiss non-profit association. It was founded in 2009 by Bruno Gschwind. Our main goal is to provide education to underpriviledged children and teenagers in Cambodia, because education is the way out of poverty. But changing lives wants to go further and improve their living condition sustainably by integrating them well in the society and helping them to find the best ways in terms of nutrition, health, sport, free time and job. We want to give those children a chance to have a bright future and to be able to live a life in dignity.

Since its inception changing lives has seen tremendous changes in the lifes of the young people we help, in the overall effectiveness of the NGOs we support, and an increased level of hope in the communities where we work. changing lives works hand in hand with people and NGOs in Cambodia that run the projects we support. Several times a year we visit them in Cambodia to see if the projects run smoothly, the money is used wisely and there's a reasonable progress.

We hope you have a further look by reading the descriptions of our different projects or visiting the websites of our partners.


changing lives

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